Multiseed……The Feel Good Bread!

Multiseed……The Feel Good Bread!

What is Multiseed bread?

Multiseed Bread is a soft brown loaf with seedy inclusions.  This yeasted bread consists of a combination of Wheat flour, Oats, Rye and Seeds to give a soft crumb with interesting “bits” to give a health boost.




What are the benefits of Multiseed Bread?

Multiseed Bread, as a brown bread, has additional health benefits.  It has more nutrients as the grain is included in the final product.  It is a good source of fibre, B Vitamins, Calcium  and Iron.  Oats help balance blood sugar while seeds are little power houses of nutrients.




Serving Suggestions…

Multiseed  Bread can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.  Start the day with this bread adding a smashed avocado. This is a quick and nutritious breakfast. Add protein with a poached egg and add some spinach for an extra health benefits.  Alternatively add a nut butter to keep it quick and simple.  Enjoy a low G.I.  sandwich or roll at lunchtime, or serve with soup or a salad.  Alternatively try using Multiseed bread to make stuffing or breadcrumbs.  Coat chicken, turkey or fish to add texture and serve with a salad for a quick lunch or tea.